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Current Version: 3.0.0, for iPhones + iPads + iPod touches

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Version 3.0.0 Now Available!

Octavian, Keyboard Calculator, is the essential musical reference tool for any musician, student, composer, songwriter, pianist, keyboard player, or hobbyist. Whether your specialty is classical, jazz, blues, or rock, Octavian provides instant access to over 500 scales and 100 chords, with any root note and in any mode or inversion.

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With Octavian, you can:

What's New in 3.0.0?

Bitnotic aims to make Octavian THE authoritative musical reference. We welcome any additional scales/chords, corrections, and suggestions. Send them to info@bitnotic.com.

Special thanks to Dustin McIntyre for suggesting the name "Octavian."


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