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The VX-323

Straight from the factory floor comes the debut album from The VX-323, speech synthesis robot. Chansons’ nine tracks of sophisticated pop electronica feature synthetic vocals for all verses and choruses. The sound is both familiar and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

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Funny, clever, thought-provoking, and musically satisfying as a collection of Euro-infused synth-pop songs, The VX-323's debut CD, "Chansons," must be heard to be believed.

Debut Album, Chansons, released March 27, 2009

Artist's Web Site

Behind The Hype

To sum it up, this is more than just an album; it’s an experience… one that most people are too afraid to make in this day and age.

Scopitone Saturday

...a ROBOT that makes MUSIC. Its name (as robots tend to eschew gendered identities) is the VX-323 and it is AMAZING, not only because it is a robot that makes music but because the music is also very good.


VX-323’s debut album is a stark affair with moments of both brilliance and banality.