Classic Puzzle Game
Current Version: 1.1, for iPhone and iPod touch

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Crack the Code with Decypher!

Need to kill a few minutes without killing your mind? Then play Decypher, the new brain-training puzzle from Bitnotic! Based on the same brain-stimulating concepts as Brain Age and Ultimate Brain Games, Decypher stimulates the mind and stretches the brain by making you use logic and concentration to solve a classic code-cracking problem. Don't waste any more time with bouncing balls or solitaire, get puzzled and get smarter!

Read the Complete Rules

So solve the secret code in this update to the classic strategy game Mastermind. The code is a combination of up to 6 colors. But be careful, colors can repeat in the code! With each guess you make, Decypher shows you a hint about how close your guess is - red dots for the right color in the right position and white dots for the right color, but the wrong position. Use these clues to deduce the code.

Bitnotic's take on this classic game features a sleek look with different shapes and color combinations. Also, sound effects!