Ambient Music Soundtracks
Current Version: 1.5, for Mac OS X 10.3.9+

US $19.99

Bitnotic chill plays musical soundtracks for your life. Dreamy, mellow music. Soaring, sweeping songs. Even dark, edgy dirges, if that’s your life.

Each time you press Play or Next, you get a unique song, that no one has ever heard before.

Tailor the music using simple controls to create your own genre. Or start with a station, like Meditation, Classical, or Electronica, and go from there.

Want to listen to chill when you aren’t at your computer? Save a whole album to iTunes with a single menu command. Play it on your iPod. Burn it to a CD.

Royalty free, commercial free. Play chill music (live or recorded) in your workplace, store, or club. Use chill tracks in your presentations, videos, movies, or games as either temp tracks or the final score.

Listen to the tracks below to get a feel for Bitnotic chill 1.5, or even better, download the chill demo (requires no installation) and try it for yourself!

chill or Concordia?
Both programs have the same feature set. The difference is in compatibility, licensing, and cost.

chill 1.5 Music

chill 1.5 Features

Feature What It Means
4 Music Tracks + 2 Sound Effects Tracks Rich soundscapes with varied textures and instrumentation
Effects Reverb, fades, and pans for a professional sounding master mix
Advanced Music Algorithms Complex, musical songs that are not just a series of patterns or random blips and bleeps
Mood and Mix Controls Tailor music to suit your mood or project
chill Radio Endless stream of songs lasting 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes each
Stations Presets to listen to or use as starting points for your own musical genre
Save AIFF Save CD quality versions of songs
Save to iTunes Create songs or albums to go, in a fraction of the time (60 minute album takes about 1 minute)
Save MIDI Re-orchestrate or edit songs in Logic, ProTools, or other digital music studio
Royalty Free Use as soundtracks in presentations, videos, movies, and games without additional fees*
No Performance Fees Play at your workplace, retail environment, or club
5 Activations Run chill on all of your Macs!

Featured Artists

Café Bido


Star Fusion by Bytesize Adventures

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